College Counseling at Holy Child

Time after time, we hear from college admissions staff about how impressed they are by Holy Child students. Our students are considered to be well-prepared, mature, enthusiastic, and fearless young women. More than 125 colleges and universities admissions officers visit School of the Holy Child each year and they are quite often the students that college admissions staff want to "apply early in the pool."

In this highly competitive and rapidly changing landscape of college admissions, it is more important than ever that college counseling begin in ninth grade and continue through senior year. Our staff provides coaching, guidance and mentoring to each student throughout her time at Holy Child. We are dedicated to working with each girl and her family to ensure that she applies to, and ultimately chooses, a college that challenges her academically, while complementing her individual talents, interests and aspirations. By junior year, Holy Child students are prepared and encouraged to take the lead in this exciting journey.

Holy Child graduates are currently studying in 142 colleges in 23 states and three countries. They attend some of the most prestigious institutions around the world. Ultimately, the success of the College Counseling program at Holy Child is defined by our alumnae who are happy, thriving and succeeding in their academic endeavors and finding personal fulfillment on their journey.

Click on the links below to learn more about Holy Child's College Counseling Program, and feel free to contact us any time with your specific questions about the college selection process.


Joanna Broda
Director of College Counseling