Wellness and Student Counseling

The goal of the guidance and wellness program at Holy Child is to improve the health and well-being of the Holy Child community by establishing a comprehensive and fully integrated program that focuses on the six dimensions of wellness: spiritual, environmental, physical, social, intellectual and emotional. Through a series of wellness initiatives, the Wellness Committee is able to support the well-being of the entire community.

Wellness Wednesdays

  • Weekly Wellness facts and tips sent via email regarding the six dimensions of wellness

Wellness Newsletter

  • Each trimester the Wellness committee composes a newsletter with a section devoted to updates and new initiatives and ideas in each dimension of wellness

Student Wellness Committee

  • The Wellness Committee has volunteers from the Middle and Upper School student body, forming a student-based wellness committee as a subset of the Faculty Wellness Committee to develop and promote wellness ideas within the student community

Wellness Initiatives in the Classroom

  • Advisory, Human Relations and College Counseling times are periodically dedicated to conduct expanded Wellness education in both the Middle School and Upper Schools