- Founder, Cornelia Connelly

Dear Friends,

When I first visited Holy Child, I felt as if the school reached out and hugged me. The warm smiles and sincerity of my hosts left an indelible impression on me. From that first day, I knew Holy Child was a very special place.

Now in my fifth year as the Head of the Middle School, my first impressions are confirmed each day. As both an educator and parent, I know that the quality of the adults in a school building determines the quality of the school. The faculty is a highly professional and deeply caring group of educators. They continually push themselves to reflect on their teaching to make our girls’ learning experiences engaging, creative and challenging. Both the adults and the students at Holy Child are dedicated to a self-reflective and active learning process.

As a school, we share a keen understanding that learning cannot be limited by the walls of a school. At Holy Child, we are committed to service learning, where the students help determine service work that extends their classroom learning. In addition, this summer, the Middle School went global! A group of students traveled to Prince Edward Island, Canada to enrich their reading of Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables. Learning in the context of another culture builds empathy and is empowering. The interconnectivity of the Holy Child education helps build community, conversations and as stated in our mission statement, “women of conscience and action.”

During one of my first visits to Holy Child, I had the opportunity to address the girls during one of their weekly Friday morning meetings. After praying, I shared a story with them that had two important “take-aways.” The first was to be kind. Simple kindness is essential to the health of our small community and our larger global one. As our founder Cornelia Connelly once wrote, "Try to help others, and each effort will be blessed on yourself." Five years later, these words still resonate and characterize the relationships in our school.

Secondly, I challenged the students to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Here at Holy Child, we “use our smallness” to get to know each girl as best as we can. Only then will we be able to push them to take academic, athletic and spiritual risks that they may have previously thought were not possible.

The depth of our learning and intentional care for our relationships support a dynamic culture of academic excellence. I hope you come and visit to experience our unique Middle School. I feel blessed and energized to be a part of this community. I know you will, too.


Colleen Pettus
Head of the Middle School