School of the Holy Child is a Consortium Member of One Schoolhouse, formerly known as The Online School for Girls. As such, we recognize the importance of providing as varied a curriculum as possible to our students. One Schoolhouse provides Holy Child students with course options that would not be available to them otherwise, and does so in a fashion that allows for freedom in the student’s academic schedule.

One Schoolhouse is a supplementary component to the educational program at Holy Child. As such, we consider it to be akin to summer and semester away programs or study abroad programs. For the majority of courses offered by One Schoolhouse students are welcome to sign up for whatever they choose and will receive full-credit for those courses.

The cost of the courses, however, is at the expense of the student except in cases where the school has determined a course to be an extension of our program beyond what we offer at the school. For example, if a student completes AP Calculus prior to her senior year, Holy Child will facilitate a student’s enrollment in either Multi-Variable Calculus and Differential Equations or AP Statistics. Additionally, should a student achieve an ‘A’ in Economics prior to her senior year, the School will register the student for AP Macroeconomics. Holy Child will not assume the costs of registration for any other courses.

Students will not receive credit for an online course that is also offered in school unless it

  • has been determined that the student will not be able to take that course prior to graduation. For example, students cannot sign up for the Anatomy and Physiology course through One Schoolhouse because we offer an equitable course in school.
  • Students may not replace a course required for graduation with a course through One Schoolhouse. For example, seniors may not elect to take an online English
    course in place of either English 12 or AP English Literature.
  • All students who wish to enroll in a course through the One Schoolhouse must have the approval of the Head of the Upper School.
  • Registration for One Schoolhouse courses is done by School of the Holy Child; students and/or parents should not go online to register for courses, and should not pay
    via the One Schoolhouse website.

All information and course listings are available on the One Schoolhous website (