Global Studies Program

Each year, the Ann F. Sullivan Global Studies Program provides opportunities for meaningful and contemplative travel for Middle School and Upper School students. These travel experiences offer an exceptional opportunity for our students to grow in body, mind, and spirit. Each unique experiential journey serves to enhance classroom learning and allows our girls to develop as leaders, global citizens, and “women of conscience and action."

Global Programs at Holy Child do not exist in a vacuum. They are designed to not only provide unique and enriching experiences for our students to learn, study, and serve communities around the world, but also to come back to the classroom and share these experiences. Global trips focus on areas such as community service, cultural immersion, historical education, curricular connections, and more. Global Programs trips occur over Spring Break and the summer months, and connect us to communities both near and far. Some trips are designed for Middle School students, though most take place in the Upper School and some trips are grade specific as well. We hope that all students will have an opportunity to participate in Global Programs in some way during their time at Holy Child.

2018-19 Global Programs Trips:

·     Georgetown University OWN IT Summit
·     Iceland - Science and Photography
·     Camp Cornelia - Network Service
·     GPSA - Global Health and Service, WV
·     Houston, TX - MS Science and History
·     South Africa - Service, Culture, and History

Recent Trips Include:

·     Cape Verde - Culture and Service
·     China - Culture and Language
·     Cuba - Culture and Language
·     Florida Keys - SCUBA & Reef Conservation
·     Peru - Culture, Language, and Service
·     Bermuda - MS Science and Phys. Ed.
·     Israel - Alumnae, Faculty & Friends of HC

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Iceland: Week 1

South Africa

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Iceland: Week 2

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