Leadership Institute in Finance

The Leadership Institute in Finance (LIF) is a two-year seminar course designed to empower girls to master financial literacy, explore business ethics, and develop effective leadership skills to prepare for competitive internships and careers in finance. This course seeks to encourage students to consider professions where women are a minority and to help them develop the skills and confidence to be successful in these roles.

Students will study an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines the study of financial analytic principles, their impact on the economy, and the importance of ethical leadership. Students will learn financial terminology, tools, techniques, and analytical frameworks that impact an organization. They will study leadership styles, theories, and strategies in a variety of contexts. Furthermore, the new curriculum will examine the different roles leaders can play through case study discussions about what constitutes moral and ethical leadership. Field trips and opportunities to interact with business executives throughout the school year will provide an important supplement to classroom learning.

The year-long junior seminar includes a one-week immersion experience during spring break, where students will begin to define the area of finance or leadership that will become the subject of their senior project. In their senior year, students will complete a senior thesis by developing a business plan for a new product concept, or research an issue in finance or leadership as it relates to business. It is the goal of the program to have a financial executive mentor the project and provide shadowing opportunities at their company.

Field based study includes:

  • Participation in business case studies
  • Attendance at lectures on finance and leadership principles by business executives and college professors
  • Meet and Greet opportunities with financial professionals
  • Visiting companies to explore finance and leadership in the real world