- Founder, Cornelia Connelly

Dear Friends,

School of the Holy Child is an extraordinary school - academically, spiritually and physically.

To begin, our individualized and innovative curriculum, including advanced placement classes in all the disciplines, expansive offerings in the visual and performing arts, a competitive athletic program, and multiple opportunities for leadership, is designed to encourage our students to challenge their minds, explore their passions, and push themselves outside their comfort zone so they grow personally, spiritually and socially.

One of the most important features of a Holy Child education is the experiential learning we provide our upper school students. Holy Child offers students a variety of opportunities to study, serve and explore areas around world with opportunities to study abroad, and educational trips to Cuba, South America, Europe and Asia that encourage girls to become global, creative thinkers. Trips to corporations, the opera, cultural clubs, exhibits, recycling centers for environmental science and more enable our students to learn from real-life experiences, and become confident leaders within the classroom and beyond.

The dedication of our faculty to their students and the students’ love for their school is exceptional. Holy Child upper school students work diligently, and are supported by individual attention from faculty and administration. We work collaboratively with our students and families to ensure that each student is known and valued, and her academic and individual goals are supported.

Open to all faiths, Holy Child’s mission is one of inclusiveness. Our religious studies faculty is dedicated to helping each girl gain a personal relationship with God, and strengthen her own faith journey into adulthood.

School of the Holy Child is a single-gender, college prepatory school, supported by an extraordinary community of love and trust where “joy in teaching and joy in learning” prevails.

We hope that you will visit us soon.


Abigail Doheny
Head of the Upper School