Satish Joshi, an accomplished painter, sculptor and printmaker, serves as Holy Child's artist-in-residence. A graduate of The New Delhi College of Art, Satish brings 30-plus years of independent school teaching experience to Holy Child having taught at Riverdale Country School from 1974-2011.

"Having Satish at Holy Child is tremendous for our students and our arts program. He teaches the students to love the creative process, encourages them to be bold in their choices, explore different media and to really trust themselves,” says Director of the Arts, Kim Calhoun. “By bringing artists like Satish into our classrooms, we expose our students to diverse and unique artistic views and offer them the rare opportunity to learn from and create alongside working professionals.”

Satish most recently worked on Spirit, a sculpture displayed on outside of the Field House on campus. He collaborated with more than thirty students and their families, alumnae, staff, faculty and past parents to bring a block of limestone to life. Satish, who is thrilled that so many members of the community got involved in the project, especially during the hot summer months, reflects on the experience of creating Spirit, "it was wonderful to have so many members of the community involved. For the students, it was a unique opportunity to learn monumental stone carving. To me, the sculpture is a reflection of the Holy Child community and the spirit that is always evident here," Mr. Joshi added.