Graduation 2018

Holy Child would like to congratulate the 57 members of the Class of 2018, who celebrated their graduation on Saturday, June 9 at 3:00 p.m.

Student Government President Jamie Brusco addressed her class: "This September, we will start a new chapter, and whether we are close to home or far, we will all experience brand new things...But the most important thing that will never change from this moment on, is that we will never truly be alone. We will forever have each other, our memories together, our rings, and this beautiful school supporting us in the many things we go on to do in our lives."

Senior Class President Natalia Nuñez told her class: "Our graduates will go as far as Dublin and as close to home as the Bronx. No matter where you all go, always remember Holy Child - both the people and the place - as your home away from home."

Melissa Dan, Ed.S., Head of School addressed the graduates: "Our global world is increasingly unpredictable. The social and political landscape is evolving, and technology changes rapidly and impacts every facet of life...We are all called upon to approach life with an ever-expanding toolbox of skills: to be creative and collaborate. To think differently and make informed decisions. To trust our gut. Please know that when the way gets complicated, as it always will, you can trust your Holy Child education and all of us here who are rooting for you. You can trust each other--and you can trust the network of thousands of Holy Child alums who came before you."

Ms. Dan then welcomed as their Commencement Speaker alumna Brittany Williams '06, a graduate of Harvard Business School who will join Intel's Virtual Reality, Esports, and Gaming team this summer. Ms. Williams earned a B.S. in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia where she received a full merit scholarship. At UVA, Brittany was a Lawn Resident—an honor awarded to fourth year students based on academic achievement, leadership and commitment to the University. She is a Rodman Scholar, Jerome Holland Scholar and Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar.

Before joining Intel, Ms. Williams worked for six years in investment banking on Citibank's Credit Risk Management team and at Goldman Sachs' on their Credit Risk Management and Ratings Advisory team. She is also the Founder & CEO of an MBA and undergraduate admissions consulting company.

In her speech, Ms. Williams offered two pieces of advice: "Just say yes! And create your own definition of success." She said, "Success is finding true happiness in the relationships that I cultivate. Success is leaving a legacy. But don't conform to my definitions of success. I want you to feel comfortable creating your own definition of success and standing by it. Because only then will you find true fulfillment and happiness."

Ms. Dan and Board Chair Thomas Girard conferred 57 diplomas to the Class of 2018, as well as four special awards:

The Holy Child Award, for earning the highest average based on the highest general academic average for 4 years at Holy Child, was awarded to: Caroline Beit

The Cornelia Connelly Award, for outstanding service and leadership in school and community, was awarded to: Hannah Cleary

The Sister Mary Basil Award, given by the graduating class to the one among them who has consistently shown Christ-like compassion, generosity and concern for others, was awarded to: Natalia Nuñez

The Dede Ross Award, presented by former Board Chair Dede Ross, for the senior who has enriched the lives of all at Holy Child through her honesty, humility, quiet perseverance, and sense of humor, was awarded to Katie Caffrey