The Annual Fund is the largest, single resource that funds the everyday expenses of running School of the Holy Child. It touches every member of the community through academic programs, extracurricular activities and professional development.Gifts to the Annual Fund enable the school to respond to its highest priorities each year. Your donation continues the school’s mission. Every gift benefits each and every student. Gifts made to the Annual Fund are used to enhance academic programs, support scholarships and financial aid and provide funding for faculty development.

Your participation is a vote of confidence and support of our efforts to ensure Holy Child’s quality education. Your gift to the Annual Fund helps us to:

  • Continue attracting and retaining exceptional faculty and administrators
  • Sustain and increase student financial aid
  • Preserve Holy Child’s innovative programs

If you would like to make a gift to the Annual Fund, please click here or contact our Director of Institutional Giving Alexandra Bean at a.bean@holychildrye.org.


How much should I give to the Annual Fund?

Holy Child asks each family to make a gift that is meaningful to them. Every gift is significant. The level of community participation is as important as the actual amount given.

The Annual Fund helps to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of educating each student at Holy Child. The gap is around $3,200 per year, per student.

What is the difference between an Annual Fund Gift, a Capital Gift and a Planned Gift?

An Annual Fund gift is for unrestricted use and supports the school’s daily operations. A gift to the Annual Fund is payable within the school’s fiscal year.

Capital gifts are pledged over a specified amount of time to support a capital project. Our most recent Capital Campaign funded the major renovation of the campus, including the state-of-the-art Field House, Theatre and Design Studio for the E.E. Ford Program in Architecture, Engineering, and Design Initiatives for the Common Good.

A planned gift is a way to give to help Holy Child while securing the financial needs of your family and loved ones. Planned gifts may include a gift of a trust or annuity, stock, real estate, life insurance, naming Holy Child as a beneficiary in your pension plan or remembering the school in your will.

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and the Annual Gala & Auction?

The Gala & Auction is Holy Child’s signature event. While supporting the Gala & Auction is important, participating in the event is not the same as making a gift to the Annual Fund. A contribution to the Annual Fund sends a clear message to our community that our parents are dedicated to the mission of our school. While both resources are used to fund the everyday expenses of running the school, the Annual Fund is the best and most comprehensive way to support a sustainable, long-term investment in Holy Child.

Why is participation important?

Full participation in the Annual Fund by Trustees, Parents, Alumnae and Faculty demonstrates a sense of unity within the Holy Child community. It also indicates when seeking support from corporations, foundations, major donors and friends that those who are most connected to the school are committed. All gifts, no matter what the amount, are important.



Barbara Santangelo

"I support the Annual Fund because it is imperative that Holy Child hire the best faculty, offer the girls the best education to be prepared for college, and continue to provide the facilities that reflect the quality of the school."

Amanda Septimo '08

"I encourage all alumnae to take a moment and think about what your alma mater means to you, and give to Holy Child for the wisdom, confidence and friendships you gained here."

Carolyn Walters

"I consider my gift to the Annual Fund my investment in the current students, as well as those in the future. It is my way of paying it forward."