“For the Poetry of the Art,
we must provide various occasions to allow every
girl in the school to cultivate her fancy and taste.”

- Founder, Cornelia Connelly

At School of the Holy Child, we know that a strong commitment to creative and passionate endeavors builds confidence and compassion, and helps each student find her unique voice in an ever-changing world. Through a wide variety of fine and performing arts courses and extra-curricular offerings, we provide our students multiple opportunities for self-expression and exploration, and many venues in which to showcase their individual talents.

It is my personal hope that each student will graduate from Holy Child with a great appreciation for the power and importance of the artistic endeavors they encounter in the world beyond these walls. I also hope that each student will continue to create, explore, be vulnerable and compassionate, and share, in her own personal and extraordinary way, her own story with the world.

Be Bold!

Kim Calhoun
Director of the Arts