Every day at Holy Child, we aim to engage our girls in an education that will shape who they are for the rest of their lives. Every project, opportunity, and experience is thoughtfully curated to help develop young women of conscience and action who will "meet the wants of the age."

Holy Child challenges our girls to shape their emerging interests into a course of study that encourages excellence and ignites life-long passions. The desire to explore, collaborate, research, present, and reflect is what defines a Holy Child student.

The All-Girl Advantage

At Holy Child, every girl is known and valued, and encouraged to be her best self within the classroom and beyond. Research shows that all-girls' school graduates are more academically engaged, demonstrate higher self-confidence in STEM subjects, and are more likely to seek leadership opportunities compared to their coeducated peers. At Holy Child, girls occupy every role: every seat in the classroom, every position in student government, and every member of every club, allowing them to develop the life-long skills necessary to succeed.

The Holy Child Advantage

Holy Child Schools are guided by Cornelia Connelly's dedication to "joy in teaching and joy in learning." We create intellectually challenging and creative programs of study that develop a love of learning and academic excellence. Our graduates are intellectual, courageous, confident, compassionate, and spiritual.

Our unique Signature Programs are designed to open up the world to our students through independent study, service learning, and immersive experiences. Upper School girls can choose from the Engineering, Architecture and Design for the Common Good Program, the Leadership Institute in Finance, the Advanced Humanities Institute, and Global Studies. Middle School offerings include various field-based experiences that allow students to engage in real-world applications of their studies. 

Technology is used to support creative and student-centered learning. All girls have laptops or tablets that help them keep pace in flipped classrooms and give them access to the latest educational technologies, including state-of-the-art lab tools and personalized software for studying world languages. Class offerings in engineering, architecture, and robotics begin as early as fifth grade.

Our curriculum is a living document. Teams of faculty review, revise, and enrich our offerings to live the words of Cornelia Connelly and "meet the wants of the age." The girls are challenged to think critically, write deeply, and engage meaningfully with their teachers, classmates, and course material.