Every day at Holy Child we aim to engage our girls in an education that will shape who they are for the rest of their lives. Every project, opportunity, and experience is thoughtfully curated to help develop young women of conscience and action who will "meet the wants of the age."

Holy Child challenges our girls to shape their emerging interests into a course of study that encourages excellence and ignites life-long passions. The desire to explore, collaborate, research, present, and reflect is what defines a Holy Child student.

All girls have laptops or tablets, which help them keep pace in flipped classrooms and gives them access to the latest educational technologies, including state-of-the-art lab tools and personalized software for studying world languages. Class offerings in engineering, architecture, and robotics begin as early as fifth grade.




At Holy Child, every girl is known and valued, and encouraged to be her best self within the classroom and beyond. Girls occupy every role: every part in the school play, every seat in student government, and every position on every team.


The benefits of an all-girls Holy Child education:


We capitalize on girls' unique learning styles. We value cooperation, hands-on learning, discussion, and experience.

We create a culture of achievement. Highly motivated girls are empowered to become courageous and compassionate leaders.